Giddiness and sunshine

Even though the ice rain was falling. The many street closures for tree pruning that took the kids and I 20 minutes longer to get to school. Along with the heavy clouds that darkened the morning and the slushy wetness created slippery madness outside, Giovanni and Isannah were able to brighten my day and keep a smile on my face for the rest of the morning.

Once we finally reached school, we began our routine of coats, hats, outdoor shoes off to prepare for indoor shoes on and school time. Lunch boxes and morning snacks put away and good byes were being said so that I could make my way back outside to the nastiness of the day. Just then Gio puts his face in my face and followed my every more. I finally asked him what he needed and he puckered up his lips and said, “a kiss mommy.” I let him plant the sweetest kiss smack on my lips. He began to beam from ear to ear and then threw himself into my arms while extending his for the biggest appreciative hug ever. I looked up at him just in time to hear him say thank you. He then turned away and entered the classroom. As that didn’t already have my insides tingling, Isannah gets her name train and before entering her classroom runs back over to me to give me the biggest hug she could give. She said that she also had to tell me something. I asked her what and she kissed my cheek and giggled while running into her classroom. I just felt all kinds of love, giddiness and warmth throughout my body and heart. It was definitely the lift that I needed to walk out of the school smiling and ready for the events of the day. It amazes me how the act of kindness can generate so quickly. What an amazing gift to share.

I would like to share my giddiness and my hearts sunshine with all of you so that your day will be filled with brightness and cheer. 

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