Rallying for Bishop Ford and Mom

Walking arm and arm with my mom today was the most emotionally beautiful feeling. She stood strong and tried to keep that welcoming smile on her face even though I knew her thoughts were heavy. We were surrounded by students, faculty, parents and friends fighting to keep Bishop Ford open. Fighting for a common goal to keep a home to many open. My mom worked there for over ten years. When asked she took overtime. When ordered she smiled and did what was told of her. She never complained only helped in any way she could and now they are closing without warning, explanation and heart. Today was just another reason why hope and faith gets harder but no matter how far we are pushed we need to hold on to any belief we have that things get better.
As we took our final walk around the school, our arms locking even tighter. We just stood looked at each other and then heard the sweet voice of the schools choir. Everything seems so real and I hid my tears so mom wouldn’t see. I am so proud of my mom for all she is and all she does. From the light that shines within her and spread within me.
I hope she knows I will always stand right by her side as she’s always stood by mine.


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