Choking…it really is that scary!

It was 20 minutes after Asher left for work this morning that Isannah decided to give me the scare of my life. As she was enjoying apples while sitting on the floor she decides to laugh at the ceiling. She leaned to far back causing her to fly back and hit her head. As that wasn’t enough she began crying and the piece of apple in her mouth was inhaled down her throat. Baby girl started choking and so many friggin emotions raced in my head. I grabbed her did the choke bit I learned while in the NICU and still nothing. Isa turning all colors while tears running down her face, eyes glossy and red/purple and I kept on at it. Finally the friggin apple flew out. Isa made a sound and then cries filled the room, mine included. In that moment I wanted to bring her outside and SCREAM for help but I remained calm and all the procedures came to mind. I never thought I would remember it all much less be able to ever perform it. Thank you God for my strength this morning and for using my hands to help my little girl. I think things calmed down a bit too much from the time they were born that I needed a shake up again. Please, please, please know that I am aware of all the scares and I am always reminded of the beginning so there’s no need to remind me, thank you!

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