Gio and Isa’s Miracles – March of Dimes

The weather was beautiful and the feeling was amazing. I’ve done these walks before and always looked around at the posters, t-shirts, babies and my heart always ached but never did I think I would be one of those mothers and today I was. As I walked I remembered the beginning and all we went through, then the music was pumping and I saw Isa and Gio dancing and smiling and it made my heart better. It was an amazing day and I thank God every day for saving our two blessings. Gio and Isa’s Miracles in honor of our sweet Giovanni and Isannah raised over $2,000 for the March for Babies. This is definitely a beginning to a new tradition for our family. I can’t wait to walk again next year with my Gio and my Isa by my side. 

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