Reaching out to you, my friend

Today I want to say, thank you for all the love and support of family and friends. A few days ago I was reminded of how fragile life is. Whether it was through my own life or a life close to my heart, it’s a reminder that life is a gift and we have to cherish every moment we are given. It is important to love unconditionally, receive love whole heartedly and just be open to the miracles that surround us even though we fear the loss of those miracles. We don’t know what each day will bring and although beautiful and happy, it’s also scary and confusing. No matter how heavy we feel. How confused we are. We need to believe that his will is greater and he will take us through it all. A lot of tears will be shed and may continue to fall until the end of our journey here but remembering what you have, had and loved can carry us to another day.
Things don’t always make sense and we have to deal with things that we never thought would happen but with the love of family and friends we can get to where we need to be. We need to lift the heavy weight and try to feel lighter, as hard as that may be. Just remember I am a friend till the end and then I will carry your love with me always. Thinking of those special to me and thanking God for my family and friendships.

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