She changed her mind

Night time routine was a bit delayed today and with Giovanni skipping his nap (jack hammer breaking concrete outside his bedroom window, thanks neighbors), he was overstimulated and pretty much bouncing off the walls. Finally got them bathed, dressed and ready for bed. I took Giovanni in his room and Asher took Isannah. Then we switch to say our goodnights to each blessing. When I walk in Isannah’s room she is standing up out of the cover and up against the corner of her crib. I try to cover her up and say good-night but she loudly tells me that she changed her mind and she’s no longer tired. I wanted to burst out laughing but carefully said to her in the sweetest voice that that’s not how it works it’s late and it’s bedtime. She fell into her crib allowed me to cover her and then she was out. It’s been an interesting day.

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