Baseball, Ballet, and Gilmore Girls

I feel like I’ve been dropping the ball lately. There are so many wonderful things going on and that have gone on. There are definitely a few not so great things but we will focus on the ones that keep us smiling and moving forward. As for the rest, I will privately reflect and get better. 

Let’s see, we had Giovanni’s playoff baseball game which he rocked, causing the team to go into extra innings by tying at the bottom of the last inning with two outs, two strikes and no one on base. He got on first, stole 2nd, 3rd, and came home, scoring the tying run bringing the game into extra innings. Although his team lost, we made up several runs and kept the game alive. I LOVE baseball and enjoy watching it so much but watching my son play and hearing his name being cheered by his team and families filled my eyes with tears. I’m so proud of him. He definitely was MVP of that game and of my heart. 

From cheering and on the edge of your seat excitement of the playoff game we made our way to see the graceful, beautiful beats, modern dance, and flowing ballet of Cobble Hill Ballet. Isannah had two wardrobe changes and two performances at the theater and man were they amazing. 

Each year Isannah performs, whether it’s the Nutcracker or her Spring Shows she leaves me in awe. Absolutely speechless from her poised and graceful performances. I’ve watched her grow each year on stage. Each year she gets stronger and stronger. Her improvement can not be explained on paper but watched through each movement she makes. She is truly breathtaking and I am so honored and proud to be able to see it all. 

The effort and dedication these two put into what they love fills me with joy. 

We also celebrated birthdays on birthdays. Too many to list. We celebrated the lives of family and friends. 

NJHS ceremony and recognition. School field trips, and many volunteering experiences. 7th grade has been quite the year. Getting to know moms through our PA volunteering has been a blessing. I met some really loving women that I hold dear to me. Friendships made this year have been rewarding. We were even gifted a dinner to celebrate all the hardwork and dedication the PA puts into our school. It was a night of laughs, stories, and gratitude. Another night that is placed in the book of happiness and growth. 

We can’t forget the Gilmore Girls mother daughter trip we experienced together. I personally always wanted to explore the small town feel of a real Stars Hollow like in the series but never had someone to share it with until now. I introduced Gilmore Girls to my daughter and she was hooked as I was all those years ago. From the first episode the bond we were making was becoming even stronger with each episode. It was a story and a journey I wanted her to experience. There were heartbreaking string pulling teaching moments and happy beautifully executed love, hope, encouragement, and friendship moments. All in one it was the best part of education on life and the bond of a mother and daughter. This is what I was and am sharing with my daughter. 

We enjoyed take out in our room at the Inn. Stayed at the most perfect place. Enjoyed the town’s center, the green, the gazebo and more. We checked off every box on this beautiful trip. It was about our exploration together of the tv show we love so much. A weekend I will never forget. 

Last night was our last episode of the series. The cries were loud and the hurt of saying good bye once more was felt as strongly as the first time and for Isannah her first time was now. It’s hard to let go of a series you bonded, learned, and became friends with every character but as all things this too had to end. 

Fear not though, A Year In The Life is ready to be watched. Isannah is lucky that she didn’t have to wait 10+ years for that much needed continuation. Now to mentally prepare for each and final episodes once more before the Gilmore Girls tour is over but in our hearts will always remain. 

We have so much more but there is much to do as another school year will end in just a few days. 

Thank you for walking on this journey with me and through every moment we’ve shared together. 

Until next time…

What a weekend!

Big things happened this weekend. Saturday was a really special and important day. It was recital time. Isannah worked so hard on her ballet dance. It was the first in person, on a stage platform performance since COVID began. This was HUGE especially because the Nutcracker was cancelled and so was the summer in person recital she’s done every year. Due to COVID families were limited to one guest per show. Isannah was torn as she really wanted her dad to see her dance too. There was a little conflict since it was also Giovanni’s baseball game and Asher is assistant coach. The timing was tough but since we were limited to one guest, I confirmed a spot to be there. 

Just a couple of days before her recital strict restrictions were lifted slightly and another guest was allowed to come to her recital. Isannah was beaming with joy as this meant her dad could be there too. 

Here’s the little hiccup, Giovanni’s game was still at the same time and he needed to get there. We spoke to Giovanni to see if he felt comfortable walking through the park from the baseball fields to the entrance without us. He said he was. We had amazing baseball parents look over him during the game but he would walk to meet my parents outside the park on his own. 

This allowed Asher time to get to the recital, which he did, with plenty of time to see Isannah before she went in to get ready. Although, I was confident Giovanni could do it, as a parent so many scenarios run through your mind. 

It was recital time and the parents were allowed to enter the venue. Asher and I found our seats and I couldn’t help but just stare at Isannah. She was in position and she looked so beautiful. I can see her nerves behind her smile even through the mask she had on but that made her even more stunning. I got chills as the music began to play and her confidence was back. Her face changed and her moves were graceful. Her arms and legs carried her like an angel floating through the air. The way she moved her hands and arms was mesmerizing. I have always loved and will always love to watch her perform in ballet. 

From the twinkle twos where she began at the same ballet school until now at age 10. To see her grow and blossom through the years is an experience like no other. Watching her perform now brought images of her from 2 years leading up to this moment. I saw pictures flashing before me as you do in a movie flashback montage. The photos were so crisp and clear but in between them all I was brought back to the current recital. I was glad they did the dance twice because I didn’t want to miss a moment of it. But I was so happy to see all the images in my head as I did. The music carried me and allowed me to reminisce on all the stages of her ballet classes. It was a beautiful moment but what made it complete was looking to my left and seeing the priceless expression on my husband’s face as he watched his daughter float through the room. Once the dances were over and we were able to go up to Isannah she reached out to hug us. She was proud and so excited and we were proud and so excited for her. Pictures were taken of her, us and her ballet bestfriend. The journey they are both experiencing together will be with them wherever they go. Friendships and moments like this last a lifetime. 

As we were saying our good-byes to friends and the amazing Cobble Hill Ballet staff my mind was racing back to Giovanni. How was his game? Did he notice I wasn’t cheering at the top of my lungs and did it bother him? Did he make it across the fields and through the park to meet my parents at the entrance? How did it go and how is he feeling?

I text my mom and kept in close communication until Isannah, Asher and I arrived home. Not shortly after Giovanni walked in smiling with my parents trailing in behind him. He was so excited and told us all about being at the game on his own (without us for the first time) and how easy it was to get to where Nonna was waiting. He spoke about the game and all that happened. It was his very first time walking through the park alone. What an experience for him!

It was a Saturday filled with many things, many emotions and accomplishments. I was so proud of both. 

Let’s get to Sunday. We had to all rise bright and early for Giovanni’s make up baseball game that was initially cancelled due to rain. We had to be at the ballpark at 8:30am and on a Sunday. The sun was already bursting with heat. The heat was coming down on the players hard but they kept on going. The Imposters were losing 1-0 until Giovanni was up at bat. First swing was a strike, second a ball, the third went to him and he swung with all his might. Contact and a hit to first base driving home a run. Although Giovanni was out at first he tied the game. A runner came in and it was 1-1. The excitement and cheers filled the park. We have a great team, coaches and parents. The energy is always so alive and supportive. 

Giovanni’s next at bat was a strong hit. He got to first and I can see his face was lighting up even through his mask. He was ready to go. After stealing second and third he was waiting for his team to bring him home which they did. I believe this was one of Giovanni’s best at bats. 

It was a beautiful weekend. The weather was great. The people we encountered and met along the way were comforting and the kids were motivating, inspiring, happy and supportive which made us proud. 

Special thanks to the family and friends that made this weekend possible so we didn’t miss moments that will be carried and lift us in memories throughout our journey.